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1. How does the alternating recycling program work?
2. Why aren’t plastic bags recyclable if they have the recycle symbol on them?
3. Can I bag my recyclables in plastic bags?
4. Can I recycle shredded paper?
5. Can I use paper bags or boxes to hold my mixed paper and cardboard on yellow weeks?
6. Why are there so many changes for recycling?
7. Should I put the lid back on my recyclables?
8. How can I stay informed about this program as far as waste events and trash delays?
9. How do I know what is recyclable and what goes in the trash?
10. Is there general Solid Waste & Recycling information for new residents?
11. Where can I find the most recent Trash & Recycling Calendar?
12. I lost my Waste Management Service Mailer is it available on the web?