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1. How can I stay informed about this program as far as waste events and trash delays?
2. When do I need to put my trash and recycling out?
3. What is my collection Day?
4. Where can I purchase PAY-T Bags
5. Is there general Solid Waste & Recycling information for new residents?
6. Where can I find the most recent Trash & Recycling Calendar?
7. When do I need to put my trash and recycling out?
8. What is my collection Day?
9. How does the alternating recycling program work?
10. Why aren’t plastic bags recyclable if they have the recycle symbol on them?
11. Can I bag my recyclables in plastic bags?
12. Can I recycle shredded paper?
13. Can I use paper bags or boxes to hold my mixed paper and cardboard on yellow weeks?
14. What bin should I use for recycling?
15. Should I put the lid back on my recyclables?
16. How do I get rid of items that won’t fit in my PAY-T trash bag?
17. I lost my Waste Management Service Mailer is it available on the web?
18. If my neighbor’s trash and recycling across the street was picked up but mine wasn’t, was my house missed?
19. Why does it appear that the hauler is throwing the trash and recycling into the same truck?
20. How do I know what is recyclable and what goes in the trash?
21. Why are there so many changes for recycling?
22. Where can I find the Yard Waste calendar?