Does the library accept donated books and other materials?
The Shrewsbury Public Library gladly accepts donations of:

Books and other items in good condition and that are clean and mold-free: including children’s books, CD’s, and DVDs, large print books, commercially recorded items: music on CDs,

We cannot accept items which are unhealthy to handle, dirty, moldy, smelly, burnt, chewed, damp or missing covers. We also cannot accept textbooks, encyclopedias and magazines.

Donated items may be added to the library’s collection, given them to the Friends of the Shrewsbury Public Library for their book sale, or disposed of them through book recycling programs.

As the receiving institution, the Library cannot assign a value to the books you donate. Donors must determine the value of donated items.

The library has limited space for accepting and storing donations, so there are times when we must limit the number of donations, or turn away donations entirely. It is always best to call in advance if you wish to donate books, especially if donating more than three bags or boxes. The Circulation Services Desk can be reached at 508-842-0081 X3 can assist you.

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