What can I use a Bulky Waste sticker for?

Large household items. Please see some examples below: 

  • Bureau, couch, desk, bookcase, upholstered chair, toilet (1 sticker for each item)
  • Sectional (1 sticker for each section)
  • Twin size mattress & box spring combination (you only need 1 sticker for both pieces)
  • Full, queen, or king size mattress (1 sticker for each item)
  • Full, queen, or king size box spring (1 sticker for each item)
  • Rugs/Carpeting (1 sticker for every 4 rolls that are bundled together)*
    *Rugs and carpets must be cut up into four foot lengths and rolled. Make four rolls and bundle them together with twine, string, or masking tape. Then place 1 sticker on top.

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