How do I know my smoke detectors are working?
You should become familiar with how to test your detectors. Instructions are enclosed with every detector. The simplest way to test the detector is to push the test button. This will arm the detector and cause it to sound until you release the test button.

It is important to test detectors for many reasons. The obvious reason is to assure they are working. Less obvious but equally important is that you and your family members need to know what the sound is in order to plan a response to hearing the detectors. Hearing this piercing sound in the dead of night will cause confusion and panic if you do not know what the sound is and how to react to it. Children need to know the sound. Parents need to arrange with their children what their exit escape plan is for when the alarm sounds. You can contact the fire department for a free pamphlet on fire safety using exit drills in the home (EDITH).

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1. How do I know my smoke detectors are working?
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