What does a Conservation Commission do?
The Conservation Commission administers the Wetlands Protection Act (G.L. Chapter 131 Section 40) and serves the town in a regulatory, as well as a conservation capacity. The commission processes applications for permits filed with them for activity covered by the act.

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1. How do I know if I need to file with the Commission?
2. How can I get a copy of an Order of Conditions or Certificate of Compliance for my property?
3. Does the Commission have a Bylaw?
4. Are there any Town fees associated with filling with the Commission?
5. What are the requirements for filing with the Conservation Commission?
6. How often does the Conservation Commission meet and when do I have to file an application to get onto the agenda?
7. How many copies of the Application should I submit?
8. What is the 100-year flood elevation for Lake Quinsigamond?
9. What is the Town Paper of Record for Legal Ads?
10. I have beavers flooding my property, what are my options?
11. What does a Conservation Commission do?