What is a Public HEARING?

A public hearing is open to the public but is regarding a specific proposal/project. Example: Receive feedback and comments from all interested parties for the consideration of adopting or revising a regulation.

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1. Do you have to be a Shrewsbury resident to serve on the Board?
2. How many Board members are there?
3. Are Board members Elected or Appointed and by whom?
4. How long is the term in which the Board members serve?
5. Are Board members employees?
6. Are Board members paid a salary?
7. How often does the Board meet?
8. Where can I find Meeting Agendas and Minutes?
9. Are the Meetings recorded?
10. Who can attend a Board of Health meeting?
11. Who can speak at a Board of Health meeting?
12. What is a Public MEETING?
13. What is a Public HEARING?
14. How does the Board make their decisions and votes?
15. How does the Board communicate?
16. How can I contact the Board?