What if I start work without a permit?


A penalty permit shall be issued to any individual commencing work prior to obtaining a Trench/Street Permit. The fee for this permit shall increase to $1000.00.  The applicant will also be in violations of OSHA regulations and subject to additional fines.


As per Commonwealth law, all work done on any connection to the public water or sewer system requires a permit prior to commencing work.  Please be advised that conducting work without a permit is grounds for the revocation of the Drain Layers License. Please call the Water & Sewer Division at 508-841-8502, prompt 3 and complete a permit application to request a Water/Sewer Connection Permit.  Please visit the following link for instructions on submitting a permit online.  How to Apply for a Water/Sewer Permit with ViewPermit

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2. What if I start work without a permit?
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