When is a Permit Required?


A Highway permit is required when there are; excavations in the Public Street or on Private Property greater than 3-feet deep, or when paving a driveway up to the street.


A Water and/or Sewer permit is required when there are; new connections to the Water or Sewer System, repairs/replacements on existing Water/Sewer lines, disconnections, reconnections,and  FireLine Connections

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1. When is a Permit Required?
2. What if I start work without a permit?
3. Will my existing login for permits work?
4. Will my prior request be viewable in the new system?
5. How do I access the new system?
6. Will I need a different password for the DPW page than the permits page?
7. What if I have forgotten my password?
8. What if I have difficulty using a computer?
9. Will I need to submit or attach supporting documentation?
10. Where do I find a Licensed drain layer?
11. How do I become a drain layer?