How Can Residents Assist During Winter Weather?

We are all able to enhance snow plowing operations.  Please consider the following.

  • Please be patient.  Winter weather is an inconvenience and can be frustrating.   The Highway Division’s primary responsibility is to keep the roads clear and as safe as possible.  Snow removal operations can take place for hours after the storm has ended.  
  • Park vehicles off the road or in your yard during a snowstorm
  • Reduce speed and drive cautiously
  • To prevent street flooding, please clear the storm drains in close proximity to your property.  There are over 5,000 storm drains and clearing the snow and ice will allow rain or melting snow to enter the drainage system.
  • Please do not place trash bags, barrels, or recycle bins in the roadway, sidewalk, or on top of snowbanks.  These items should be placed at the end of the driveway and accessible to the trash hauler.  The Town accepts no responsibility for trash containers left adjacent to or in the roadway.
  • Please do not deposit snow back into the road.  This is a violation of a Town By-law and it creates hazards to drivers.  
  • Personal property such as mailboxes, or basketball hoops that are placed in the Right-of-Way are placed there at the private owner’s risk.   Please see the Selectmen’s Policy #24 regarding mailbox replacement.  The Town does not assume responsibility for replacing damaged private installations in the Town’s Right-of-Way.  The Town’s Right-of-Way is reserved for snow storage and utilities.
  • If there are any questions or to log a complaint, please call the DPW Office at 508-841-8502.  All complaints are logged into an operational spreadsheet where they are evaluated, prioritized, assigned, and tracked.  These will be completed as conditions and staffing allow.  Reporting a storm-related matter through unofficial social media is very unreliable.  The Town does not monitor unofficial social media and one has to assume that any report made to social media failed to reach operational staff and will not be addressed.