TRIAD - Coming Soon

Mission Statement

To develop and implement policies and programs to reduce criminal victimization, promote crime prevention and safety awareness, and serve the residential senior community in Shrewsbury. In addition, the TRIAD council will design and support programs to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens.

What is a TRIAD?

TRIAD is a community policing initiative between seniors, law enforcement and local service providers to increase safety through education and crime prevention. Its goals include:

  • Reducing criminal activity that targets older Americans
  • Alleviating seniors' fear of victimization, building confidence and improving the quality of life
  • Enhancing delivery of law enforcement services to senior citizens

What does a TRIAD do?

  1. Empower - give seniors leadership on the Triad council to determine its direction.
  2. Educate - gather information on criminal activity, and sponsor crime prevention workshops and other programs.
  3. Reach Out - reduce fear and increase peace of mind for seniors.
  4. Force Links - provide a forum to discuss crime-related needs and concerns of seniors, identify problem areas, and develop and implement community-wide solutions.

Current Programs

  • File of Life: Magnetic Pouch holding your most up-to-date medical information on your refrigerator door. Please contact the Senior Center or Police Department to obtain one.
  • "Are You Okay" Wellness Checks
  • Shredding: By appointment only. Please call the Senior Center at (508) 841-8640 to schedule an appointment.