Regulatory MechanismsLinkLast Updated
MS4-2003 PermitLink-
MS4-2016 PermitLink-
Article 21, Stormwater Management By-LawLinkNov 24, 2020
Stormwater Management Rules & RegulationsLinkJun 10, 2021
Stormwater Utility RatesLinkFeb 19, 2019
Stormwater Utility Credit PolicyLinkFeb 19, 2019
Stormwater Mgmt Application Review & Inspection Fee and Cash BondLinkAug 16, 2021

FormsLinkLast Updated
Stormwater Utility Petition for AdjustmentLinkJan 21, 2020
Stormwater Utility Credit ApplicationLinkFeb 25, 2019
Stormwater Management Permit ApplicationLinkJul 12, 2019

Reports and PlansLink
Stormwater Management Plan (Last Updated as of Sep 28, 2020)Link
MS4-2016 Annual ReportsLink
MS4-2016 Notice of IntentLink
MS4-2003 Annual Reports and Notice of IntentLink


Other ResourcesLinkLast Updated
Stormwater Utility Frequently Asked Questions - Short Version
Nov 13, 2019
Stormwater Utility Frequently Asked Questions - Long VersionLinkJan 25, 2019

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