Stormwater Management Permit

June 10, 2021: Stormwater Management Permit Applications submitted after June 10, 2021 are also required to submit a $5,000 cash bond.

Please review the Stormwater Management Rules & Regulations (located here) for more details and other updates.


No person may undertake a construction activity (including clearing, grading, and excavation) that results in a land disturbance equal to or greater than 5,000 square feet* without a Stormwater Management Permit.

*This also includes construction activity which will disturb less than 5,000 square feet but is part of a large common plan of development that will ultimately disturb equal to or greater than 5,000 square feet

Obtaining a Stormwater Management Permit

Applicants must submit to the Shrewsbury Department of Public Works...

  • a Stormwater Management Permit Application (found here);
  • an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan;
  • a Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan;
  • a Construction and Long-Term Operation & Maintenance Plan;
  • an Application Review & Inspection fee (schedule found here); 
  • an electronic copy of all submitted materials (submitted to; and
  • a $5,000 cash bond (new as of June 10. 2021).

Upon receipt of an administratively complete application, within fourteen (14) days, the Shrewsbury Department of Public Works shall invite the applicant and/or their engineer to a Review Meeting, and Final Action shall be taken within fourteen (14) days of the Review Meeting.unless such time is extended by agreement between the applicant and the DPW.

The method for obtaining a Stormwater Management Permit is outlined in the  (starting on Section 15).

Public Education Material for Developers
GeneralStormwater Pollution Prevention for Small Residential Construction Sites
Construction Stormwater Tips (unmodified)
ErosionStop Erosion in its Tracks to Keep Our Waters Clean

Permittee Requirements

Upon receiving a Stormwater Management Permit, the applicant must...

  • schedule a pre-construction meeting with the DPW;
  • conduct weekly inspections of their BMPs;
  • submit to the DPW a monthly report on those inspections;
  • schedule an inspection with the DPW at least two (2) working days before each of the following events:
    • Erosion and sediment control measures are in place and stabilized;
    • Site clearing has been substantially completed;
    • Rough grading has been substantially completed;
    • Installation of drainage systems and other physical control measures;
    • Final grading has been substantially completed;
    • Close of the construction season; and
    • Final landscaping (permanent stabilization) and project final completion. 

Upon project completion, the applicant must submit a report with approved changes and modifications to the proposed plan including as-built plans.

Permit Term

A Stormwater Management Permit is valid for two (2) years from the date of the Final Action unless the applicant submits a written request to the DPW at least (30) days prior to the expiration date of the Final Action.

Project Changes

The DPW must be notified by the applicant, or their agent, of any changes or alterations of a land disturbing activity authorized in a Stormwater Management Permit. If the DPW determines that the change or alteration is significant, then they may require an amended Stormwater Management Permit application to be filed with a new review meeting to be held. The DPW may require the installation of interim erosion and sedimentation control measures before approving the change or alteration.

More Information

More information may be found in the Stormwater Management Rules & Regulations starting on Section 15 (found here).

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