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How can I prevent stormwater pollution?

No matter who we are – be it a resident, business, developer, or an industrial facility – there is plenty that we can do to keep common pollutants out of our stormwater.

GeneralDwayne the Storm Drain coloring book
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Guide for Homeowners
Household Stormwater Pollution Prevention (unmodified)
Lawn CareFertilizing the Lawn
Pet WasteDo your "Doody" - Pick Up Your Pet Waste!
Dog Waste and Surface Water Quality (unmodified)
Septic SystemsDo your Part! Be SepticSmart!
Swimming PoolsSwimming Pools and Surface Water Quality
Yard WasteBe a Leaf Hero
Leaves and Water Pollution
Town of Shrewsbury’s Yard Waste Pick-Up Program
Considering other options for leaf litter

GeneralBusinesses and NPDES Stormwater Tips (unmodified)
AutomotivePreventing Stormwater Pollution - An Automotive Industry Guide
DumpstersPut Waste in its Place for Clean Water in Shrewsbury
RestaurantsStormwater Best Management Practices for Restaurant and Food Service Facilities
How to Prevent Stormwater Pollution for Restaurants and Food Preparation Facilities

GeneralStormwater Pollution Prevention for Small Residential Construction Sites
Construction Stormwater Tips (unmodified)
ErosionStop Erosion in its Tracks to Keep Our Waters Clean

GeneralStormwater Pollution Prevention for Industrial Sites
Do Your Part to Stop Spills and Leaks at the Source

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