Police Station Building Committee

The Police Station Building Committee oversees the Police Station Building Project. The Project is projected to be completed the Winter of 2022-2023, with staff moving over to the new facility in January 2023.

About the Police Station Building Committee

The current Police Station, Town Hall and Senior Center are located on a single campus at 100 Maple Avenue, and each provides municipal services to the residents of the Town of Shrewsbury. The Police Station (11,000SF) was constructed in 1971 and renovated and expanded in 1996. The Town Hall (28,700 SF) was constructed in 1966 and renovated and expanded in 1997 with recent renovations to the second floor in 2017. The Senior Center (11,400 SF) was constructed in 2000. The campus provides common driveways, parking and egress routes for visitors and employees of Town offices.

In May of 2019 the Town Meeting approved an appropriation request for $250,000 to begin a multi-phase project, which will ensure these facilities, or their replacements, meet the operating needs of their respective departments. A line item was also included and approved to provide $50,000 for a public safety feasibility study in the FY20 State Budget; Executive Office of Public Safety & Security. 

In September 2019, the Town contracted with Construction Monitoring Services to act as the Owner’s Project Manager for the project. In January 2020, the Town contracted with Tecton Architects to act as the Architects for the project to complete a Feasibility Study associated with the construction of and modifications to the Town’s Municipal Campus, to include modification to, renovation or replacement of the Town’s Police Station, Town Hall and Senior Center. Upon completion of the Feasibility Study phase the Town reserves the right, at their option, to move into the latter design and construction phases of the project with the same Architectural Designer for part, or all, of any resulting design or construction projects. The services of the selected designer may be extended through construction documents and project closeout, subject to appropriation of funding.

Committee Charge

The Police Station Building Committee is established to oversee the repair, renovation, expansion and/or replacement of the Police Station owned by the Town of Shrewsbury located at 106 Maple Ave and adjacent to 100 Maple Ave including the authority to employ professional assistants, to obtain bids, and to enter into contracts on behalf of the Town for preparation of plans and specifications, and for the construction, remodeling, alteration or renovation, including equipping and furnishing, of these buildings and grounds and advise the Board of Selectmen on the financial requirements for such improvements.

Effective March 22, 2022 the Committee shall oversee feasibility and preliminary design concept development for the renovations of the Town Hall located at 100 Maple Avenue. The Committee shall recommend a preferred design concept to the Board of Selectmen no later than September 9, 2022. 

The Committee shall consist of nine members as follows; a member of the Board of Selectmen designated by the Board of Selectmen, the Town Manager or designee, the Chief of Police or designee, the Superintendent of Public Facilities or designee, and five residents appointed by the Board of Selectmen.