Hydrant Flushing

We started the Water Improvement Project this past spring as an effort to clear our water mains of sediment and mineral build-up. This will not only extend the life of our water mains, but it will also improve water quality. 

This project includes Unidirectional Flushing, which involves systematically opening hydrants to “flush” mineral deposits from the pipes; and Ice Pigging, which is done by pumping an ice slurry into the main lines and forcing it along inside in order to scour the interior of the pipe and remove sediment.

We encourage you to subscribe to our website and CodeRed (our emergency notification platform). You will automatically receive updates about the project when your area is being affected.

With several days of temperatures expected to be in the 40’s, the Water and Sewer Division will be resuming the unidirectional flushing program on Wednesday 1/15 and Thursday 1/16 with assistance from project contractor Hydra Tech.

Unidirectional flushing beginning on January 15, 2020
  1. 1/16/2020 Update from the Water and Sewer Division - Flushing has concluded for today.

    Unidirectional flushing has concluded for today and will be scheduled to continue when the weather permits. Read on...
  2. January 13, 2020 Update from the Water and Sewer Division - Water Valve Cleaning and Exercising

    Hydra Tech will continue water valve cleaning and exercising this week as part of the unidirectional flushing program, weather permitting. Read on...
  3. Shrewsbury PFAS in Drinking Water Supply Notification

    In an effort to be proactive in managing and protecting the Town’s public water supply, the Water and Sewer Division conducted voluntary testing for the emerging contaminant known as PFAS. Read on...
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