Route Changes Effective October 21st

Prior to the hauler transition on July 1, 2019, Thursday collections were identified as a concern due to the approximately 30% increase in household collections.  No initial adjustments were made to the collection day schedule during the hauler transition.  It was believed that any bumps would work out naturally and the arrival of the new vehicles by the end of the calendar year would further reduce the burden.  Though collections have improved over the past two months Thursday collections are easily impacted by un-planned events. 

To alleviate the load on the Thursday route, the Town is transferring some areas to a different collection day. These changes will be effective the week of October 21 through October 25.

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Here is a complete list of all the affected streets:

affected streets

Click HERE to see the full presentation on the PAY-T Route Changes.

Notifications will be hand delivered to the affected households. Reminders will be sent out as CodeRed alerts, as well as posted on Social Media and our website. If you have not signed-up for CodeRed or the Town's Website, click on the icons below to do it:

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