Yard Waste

yard waste

2020 Yard Waste Collection Weeks*:

April 20 thru April 24, 2020

May 4 thru May 8, 2020

May 18 thru May 22, 2020


  • Yard Waste must be in the 30 gallon paper lawn & leaf bags and lined up at the curb by 7:00 AM on your scheduled collection day.
  • Branches will be collected if:
    • They are no larger than 3" in diameter.
    • Cut into 4 feet lengths.
    • Securely tied into bundles.
  • Please keep yard waste bags at least 4 feet from your trash and recycling.
  • Do not place your yard waste in plastic bags or in your regular trash.
  • Please do not rake leaves into the gutter or street.
  • These are  YELLOW (Mixed Paper) Recycling weeks.

If you have branches, limbs, or stumps, you will have to secure a licensed contractor for the proper removal of wood.The Town of Shrewsbury is Asian Long-horned Beetle (ALB) zoned, so the handling of wood must be taken with extreme care. View a list of ALB Licensed Contractors (PDF)who can properly dispose of wood.Please visit Don’t Move Firewood, it Bugs me website for more information.

Please visit the Recycling Calendar for more Yard Waste collection dates.