Pay As You Throw (PAYT)

The Town of Shrewsbury provides curbside trash pickup (Pay As You Throw) and curbside recycling collected on a weekly basis - alternating recycling collection of Paper & Cardboard on YELLOW weeks and Plastic, Bottles & Cans on GREY weeks - for all households who participate in the Municipal Trash Collection Program through our contractor, Waste Management. Recycling reduces the amount of trash that must be brought to transfer stations and landfills and directly lowers the cost of trash collection for the town. Recycling is mandatory.

When your scheduled collection day falls on an observed holiday, that day’s collection and all subsequent collections that week, will be delayed by one day. Friday’s route will be collected on Saturday. Holidays will be noted in Blue on the Waste Management Service calendar.


Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Program

  • Household trash must be contained inside Shrewsbury Pay As You Throw
         (PAYT) Blue Bags and set out at the curb by 7:00 A.M. on your scheduled
         collection day (and no sooner than the night before your scheduled
         collection day) to be eligible for pickup service. It is recommended that your
         PAYT bags be placed in a lidded bin. This will help deter rodents, insects,
         and birds from getting into your trash. Residents may purchase a rubbish barrel at any local hardware store.  
  • Your PAYT bag should be able to close and weigh no more than 20 pounds.
  • PAYT bags cannot have any item sticking out.
  • Click here for information on where the PAYT bags are sold.
  • Click Street Listing to determine your collection day.

Unaccepted Items for Rubbish Collection
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)  banned some items from disposal at landfills and municipal waste combustors. For a full list of items that are strictly prohibited from the rubbish collection program Click Here. 

Bulk Waste

  • Are items that won’t fit into a Shrewsbury Blue Bag and weighs over 20 pounds - excludes electronics and appliances.
  • This service applies to Shrewsbury residents who participate in the PAY-T program.
  • It requires the purchase of a $12 Bulky Waste Sticker and scheduling a bulky item pick-up with Waste Management via phone (800-972-4545). The sticker number is required to set up the appointment.
  • Please visit Bulk Waste for more information on the program.