Stormwater Management

About Stormwater Management in the Town of Shrewsbury

What is stormwater and why is it a concern?

Stormwater is water originating from a rain event or snowmelt. Stormwater runoff occurs when the ground is unable to absorb all of the water. Impervious surfaces (such as buildings, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, roads, and even compacted gravels and soils) prevent most of the runoff from infiltrating into the ground.

Stormwater becomes polluted with litter, sand, bacteria, and chemicals (such as automobile fluids and deicing salts) as it flows over parking lots and streets and down into storm drains. Many people are surprised to learn that storm drains are not connected to sewer, but discharge directly to a nearby water body, such as a lake or river, usually without any treatment or cleansing.

Stormwater pollutants can seriously impact the water quality of our streams, ponds and wetlands, harming public health and wildlife habitat. Stormwater pollution can even affect our groundwater, which is used for private and community drinking water wells.

Cleaner stormwater means cleaner water for drinking, swimming, fishing, boating, and for protecting wildlife.

How does the Town manage stormwater runoff?

The Town of Shrewsbury has a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP), created with guidance from the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (“MS4”). The SWMP is a living document used to describe and detail activities and measures that the Town is implementing (or planning to implement) to minimize stormwater pollution funded primarily by the Stormwater Utility.

Where can I learn more about stormwater?

Please check out the Education tab! The Town has some educational material made available to the people of Shrewsbury and everyone else on what they can do to prevent stormwater pollution.

What is the Stormwater Utility Fee (STWF) and why is it on my Water/Sewer bill?

Please check out the Utility tab! It offers an explanation on why the Town has a Stormwater Utility Fee and common questions asked by the people of Shrewsbury.