Beal Early Childhood Center Building Committee.

Article 5 of the December 5, 2016 Special Town Meeting appropriated $1,200,000 for use by the Building Committee to pay costs of a feasibility study and schematic design for the renovation, expansion and/or replacement of the Beal Early Childhood Center “the Beal Project”.  Thereafter the Committee worked with the MSBA to assemble a team of professionals to support their efforts.  This lead to the selection of PMA Consultants as the Owner’s Project Manager and Lamoureux Pagano Associates as the Architect for the project. 

The Committee worked diligently under the aggressive timeline set forth by the MSBA to complete the Preliminary Design Development Phase and Preferred Schematic Report between August of 2017 and May 2018.  During this process, the School Committee ​establish​ed ​a​ ​Kindergarten​ ​through Grade​ ​4​ ​grade​ ​configuration​ ​for​ ​all​ ​elementary​ ​schools​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Shrewsbury​ ​Public Schools contingent upon the passage of the Beal project.  Such a configuration provides that the proposed school be designed for 790 students.  The Beal project enrollment capacity was arrived at using town and state-wide student growth information and validated through the independent review of the MSBA.  The new facility will allow for more classroom space throughout the elementary level to address special education, art and music needs. Completion of the school will allow for the district to offer full-day kindergarten.

The current Beal School facility opened in 1922 and has been modified over the years to accommodate a younger school population after a new high school was opened in the 1957.  The current Beal Early Childhood Center is currently home to students in Kindergarten through Grade 1.   An important aspect of the Preliminary Design Development study was the review of the conditions of the current Beal Early Childhood Center.  Due to its relatively small size, it was determined that the existing building was deficient in terms of potential to meet the program.   Readers are directed to the Existing Conditions Report which can be viewed below under the “Other” section. The Beal Reuse Committee was established to consider future uses for the building. 

While developing the space requirements to educate 790 students through the educational program established by the School Committee, the Committee reviewed 31 potential sites for the construction of the new school.  The Committee ultimately chose 214 Lake Street, the former Irving A. Glavin Regional Center, as the recommended site for the new Beal Elementary School.  Information on all of the sites can be found below under the Site Evaluations section.

The Howard W. Beal Elementary School is being constructed using the Construction Manager at Risk delivery method with Fontaine Brothers hired at the General Contractor. The building is slated for completion in the summer of 2021. 

Click HERE to view aerial videos of the construction progress for the new Major Howard W. Beal Elementary School

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The Beal Early Childhood Center Building Committee meets primarily at Town Hall.  All agendas and meeting minutes are available here.
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