Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for employees working 20 or more hours per week and retirees under age 65 or not Medicare eligible runs from Monday April 26, 2021 until Friday, May 7, 2021.  

We will not be hosting the Benefits Fair this year due to the pandemic. Below you will find information from each of the carriers and their respective contact information. You can ask questions, get explanations of the benefits, and compare differences between the plans. 

What is Changing?

1. Premium Changes
  • Each plan’s rates can be found on the Approved Rate sheet below.
  • The Plan Comparison chart below is a high level overview of all the plans offered by WSHG.
  • Please review the Plan Comparison chart and the Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs), and the Approved Rates for Fiscal Year 2022 to help you to determine which plan is right for you and your family.  

2. Insurance Deduction Frequency
Effective June 1, 2021 the Town will change the frequency of deductions for all benefits to twenty-four (24) times per year. The purpose of this change to bring consistency to the frequency of deductions for all benefits offered and to ensure accuracy of those deductions especially for the onboarding and termination of employees. This means that there will be two pay dates during the course of each fiscal year where there will not be deductions for benefits.

Please note: this change will not affect certain employees of the school department who are paid less than 26 times per fiscal year. 

What Is Not Changing?

 The following items are not changing, but may be of interest to you:

  • If you are not making any changes during this Open Enrollment you do not need to do anything.
  • Town and employee contribution ratios are not changing.
  • Plan designs are not changing.
  • The limited dental benefit offered under the Fallon plan designs remains in place.

What Do You Need To Do?


To make a change from your existing coverage to another plan, enroll or cancel coverage for yourself or any of your dependents, or enroll with the Town as a new subscriber this year, please compile the following documents:

1. A complete application found in the Insurance Application section below. 

2. If the change you are making results in a change to the premium you will pay for the coverage (new, increase or decrease) you will need to complete a Payroll Agreement found below.  

3. If adding dependents for the first time you will need to include a copy of their Social Security Card(s), your city/town issued marriage certificate or divorce decree to include a spouse/ex-spouse, and copies of birth certificates, adoption forms, guardianship papers etc., to enroll children under age 26.  

Please Note: decisions made during Open Enrollment are binding for the entire fiscal year and cannot be changed until next year's Open Enrollment unless you experience a qualifying event that allows for benefit changes during the year.  If this happens you MUST notify Nick Hawes, Town Benefits Coordinator, of such a change within 30 days of the qualifying event date.

All applications and accompanying paperwork must be returned to Nick Hawes, Benefits Coordinator, in the Town Manager’s Office by 4:30 on Friday, May 7, 2021. Since the Town Hall is currently closed, all paperwork can be put in the secure black bin located outside labeled "Town Bills and Correspondence".

School Department Employees:  Please DO NOT send your forms through interoffice mail.  

If you have detailed questions about the plans, the Member Services phone numbers and website addresses for the Health Insurance Companies are listed below. 

 Insurance Company
Phone Number  Website
 Blue Cross/Blue Shield
 (800) 782-3675
 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
 (800) 782-3675
 Fallon Community Health Plan
 (800) 868-5200
 Tufts Health Plan  (800) 462-0224

Plan Information/Forms