Site Plans & Evaluations

The Town of Shrewsbury has received a grant from the State of Massachusetts to fund the marketing and development of CenTech Park North as part of its Chapter 43D expedited permitting process.  This is a very positive step and another clear message to prospective businesses that Shrewsbury is serious about its continued economic development.  One of Shrewsbury's most recent projects involved a 190,000 square foot build out that was permitted in just 45 days.

Master Plan Excerpt 2018

The sale of CenTech Park North to best-fit buyers is a top priority.  Allowable uses for the property include: Office, Research & Development, Accessory Manufacturing, Healthcare, Assisted Living, and Corporate Training Centers. The Town of Shrewsbury has provided or is in the process of providing the following evaluations to help potential buyers better understand the property and how it may fulfill their specific needs:

Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission