3D Printing

As of December 14th, 2021, The Shrewsbury Public Library is temporarily putting its 3D printing service on hold.  3D print jobs already submitted will be printed as time allows, but no new jobs will be accepted for the time being.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please watch Shrewsbury Public Library's social media and website for news of 3D print services resuming.

The Shrewsbury Public Library is pleased to make 3D printing available to our patrons.  Patrons may submit their designs via e-mailing their files to splreference@cwmars.org or by bringing their file and completed submission form to the Reference desk.  If submitting your design via e-mail, please make sure to include in your e-mail all information required on the submission form.

3D Printer Job Submission Form

3D Printer13D Printer2

Note, all colors may not be available at all times.

Before submitting your design, please make sure to read the library's 3D printing policy.

3D Printing Resources

3D Printing Knowledge Base

What's 3D printing all about? Learn about some of the most exciting and innovative applications of this emerging technology, and get some tips and inspiration for your own 3D modeling & printing projects!


A large online collection of 3D models created by site users. The models on Thingiverse are free to download and mostly ready to print. Categories include Fashion, Hobby, Household, Tools, and more.


Similar to Thingiverse, this online collection of 3D models is run by Ultimaker, the manufacturer of the library’s 3D printer. Thousands of free designs are available.


One of the most user-friendly 3D modeling tools out there. Manipulate pre-rendered 3D shapes and create your own unique designs to print.


Another great piece of software for beginning 3D modelers.

Also, check out our printable 3D Printing Resource Sheet!