Payment Options

Online Payments

To make online payments for CURRENT Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle and Boat Excise Taxes, and Water & Sewer bills the Town offers the convenience of paying bills online through the Town’s website with our banking partner UniBank.

EFFECTIVE 01/01/2013: $0.25 will be charged for each ACH transaction

To make online payments for PAST DUE Motor Vehicle and Boat Excise Taxes go to the Deputy Collector's ePayment website.

There are no online payment options for DEMAND bills.  

Payments to our Lockbox

Current Town bill payments may be mailed to P.O. Box 725, Reading, MA 01867-0405.  This is the location of the Town’s Lockbox with our banking partner Century Bank. The payment coupon must be sent with your check for processing. Failure to include the payment coupon with your check will delay the posting of your payment.  Demand bills should not be mailed to this P.O. Box.  They should be mailed to the Town Office at 100 Maple Avenue Shrewsbury, MA 01545. 

Payments from your personal online bank account

Some residents prefer to pay their municipal bills by using online systems offered by their bank.  The bank will withdraw the funds immediately from your account and issue a physical check to the Town without the payment coupon.  These checks take 5-7 days to reach the Town, which in some cases causes the payment to be past due, incurring interest and fees.

We do not recommend this type of payment because no bill is remitted with the payment. 
These checks also cannot be processed by the lockbox facility without the payment coupon and are returned to the Treasurer’s office delaying further credit to your bill.

Please include on the check:

  1. The type of bill being paid (real estate, excise, sewer, personal property, etc)
  2. The bill number and year or account number (remember bill numbers change from year to year)
  3. The name and address should be on either the check or the check stub
  4. If we cannot make such determination, we will mail your check back to you and ask that you return it with the appropriate remittance form.  

Items returned may be subject to additional charges and interest.

Payments directly to the Town Office

Any bill payment may still be made directly to the office in person or by mail. After business hours payments may be put in the silver mailbox outside of the building marked “TOWN Bills”. The Treasurer’s office collects payments each morning. All Demand bill payments must be mailed directly to the office at 100 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545. They are not available to pay online. Demand bills cannot be processed at the lockbox facility.

Outstanding Motor Vehicle Excise and Boat Excise

The Deputy Tax Collector for the Town of Shrewsbury is Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc.

All outstanding Motor Vehicle Excise and Boat Excise tax bills that remain unpaid after the demand due date are turned over to our Deputy Tax Collector for further collection.  Further collection includes the issuance of both a 1st and 2nd warrant notice & the marking of the outstanding motor vehicle excise tax bill at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for non-payment.

If you have questions regarding the warrant you received, please contact Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc. at 1-800-239-2155.  If you wish to pay your outstanding tax bill online, please visit

Please consider using the Town’s Online payment service. It is quick; reduces administrative costs, and ensures that your payment is posted promptly and accurately.