Shrewsbury Senior Center Van Transportation

The Council on Aging’s van service is available to take you to and from medical appts, work, grocery stores, pharmacies, personal and leisure trips. Masks are no longer required to be worn on the vans. Please feel free to wear one if it makes you more comfortable. Call the WRTA at 508-752-9283 to book your trip.

For more information please contact our Transportation Coordinator, Cynthia Willis at 508-841-8643.


Senior citizens who are in need of transportation can choose from 3 forms of service:

Council on Aging Services

Shrewsbury Council on Aging offers Regular and ADA van service that are available to qualified town residents who are elderly and/or disabled.

Under the ADA Civil Rights Law, individuals who qualify are entitled to equal or comparable service to what they would receive if they were able to use a WRTA city bus. Since the COA has 2 vans, trips are also available to Westborough and group outings. WRTA Title IV - Civil Rights Notice

The Town of Shrewsbury receives funding from the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) to provide transportation service for people with disabilities and seniors who are 60 years of age or older. Riders who are eligible for non-ADA service can travel to many in-town destinations such as grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, hairdressers/barbers, medical appointments and Senior Center activities, including lunch. Medically related out-of-town appointments are also offered. 


*ADA eligible riders traveling in the ADA service area may request transportation for any purpose and can travel whenever and wherever bus service operates.


  • Trips must be scheduled in advance by calling 508-841-8640.
  • You may call up to seven (7) days in advance to schedule a non-ADA ride.
  • Non-ADA trips must be requested no later than 4:30 pm the day before the trip is needed. Call between 8:00AM and 4:30PM Monday through Friday to arrange a non-ADA trip.
  • The Shrewsbury Council on Aging is closed on holidays so be mindful to allow an additional day to schedule your non-ADA ride.
  • ADA trips can be requested up to seven (7) days in advance and until 4:30PM the day before the trip is needed.

You can call the WRTA at 508-752-9283 to arrange a trip for Monday through Saturday after 4:30PM on Friday by speaking to a call taker or by leaving the trip request on the answering machine. 

In order to expedite your trip request, have the following information ready:

  • Full name
  • Telephone number
  • Date of trip
  • Requested pick up and return times
  • Appointment time
  • Doctor’s name if a medical trip
  • Pick-up address
  • Drop-off address
  • Companions or Personal Care Assistance (PCAs) travelling with you
  • Special information about your trip or your ability to travel

If you do not receive a call back confirming your pick-up time, please call our office by 3:00PM the day before your trip.

You will be given a twenty (20) minute pick-up window. You need to be ready for pick-up at the beginning of that time. Once the vehicle arrives within that pick up window, the driver will only wait five (5) minutes for you to meet the vehicle before leaving to transport the next passenger. 


If you do not need your ride, you must call in advance to cancel or you will be considered a No-Show.


To learn more on how to ride WRTA Paratransit Service please call the Council on Aging for more detailed information and service rules. 

Your assistance in following these policies will allow the WRTA’s Shrewsbury van service to transport more people to the services they need. Thank you for your cooperation.