Shrewsbury Senior Center Van Transportation

On June 15th we re-opened our van transportation to Shrewsbury seniors and to those with disabilities.
At this time we are accepting ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) riders and other essential requests, such as dialysis, medical appointments, work, and grocery trips.
Due to COVID-19 we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our staff and riders safe.
All riders MUST wear a mask at all times.
For more information please contact our Transportation Coordinator, Cynthia Willis at 508-841-8640


Senior citizens who are in need of transportation can choose from 3 forms of service:

Council on Aging Services

Shrewsbury Council on Aging offers Regular and ADA van service that are available to qualified town residents who are elderly and/or disabled.

Under the ADA Civil Rights Law, individuals who qualify are entitled to equal or comparable service to what they would receive if they were able to use a WRTA city bus. Since the COA has 2 vans, trips are also available to Westborough and group outings.