General Support

Legal Resources
Meet with a lawyer, if you haven't already. We have a free legal clinic once a month at the Senior Center if this interests you. You should discuss how care can be provided long-term in the future. Your house should not be affected. Mention if the person is a veteran. You should also make "worse case scenario" plans just in case, you should get sick or anything happens to you.

Support Groups
Attend a support group to familiarize yourself with the challenges that lie ahead, to learn caregiving tips and gain strength from others in your situation. It is usually most helpful to attend a specific type of group (such as caregiver's for Alzheimer's, stroke victims, Parkinson's, etc.) but groups also exist for caregivers in general. A comprehensive listing is published each Sunday in the Telegram and Gazette "Datebook" insert. Additional information can also be sought through the COA.

Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging
Read information provided by, a service of the Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging.

Outreach Services
Our Outreach Services exist to help seniors and/or their caregivers get connected to the help they need. To best serve you, when you call the COA to get help, please give us as much information as you can, including:
  • Any other information you can share about the individual and their situation
  • Next of kin or caregiver, if it's not you
  • Problems that have you most concerned (confusion, acting suspicious or uncooperative, etc.)
  • Senior's name and address

Your call can always be confidential and you may leave information on our voice mail 24 hours a day.