Day Care

Day Care is an excellent option for both caregivers and the person they care for. It gives caregivers an entire day to be alone, work or do errands. It gives the elder important social stimulation and can help alleviate some of the agitation that is unfortunately so common with dementia. ESW, Inc. can sometimes subsidize Day Care costs. They have a complete listing of Day Cares available.

Specialized Day Cares
There are 3 specialized day cares to consider:
  • Age Center for the Gathering Tree
    • Phone: 508-755-4388
    • This is social day care is just for people with dementia.
  • The Elder Service Plan at Fallon
    • Phone: 508-852-2026
    • This innovative day care is the only one of its kind in the area, and you need not be a member of fallon to participate. This adult day health program is more involved than social day care and is all inclusive. Even the most frail people are able to attend, as they can handle nursing home eligible participants.
  • The Westborough Connection
    • Phone: 508-836-3378
    • Formerly run by the Assabet Valley VNA, this adult day health program provides a variety of social and health services to its participants, and offers special support to caregivers who need help.
Brochures for these programs are available through the Senior Center or by calling the day care directly.