Help at Home

Try to go through a typical day of caregiving and determine what types of relief you would find most beneficial. Bathing someone may be a real chore for 1 caregiver, housekeeping may be 1 for someone else. There are many options to getting the help you need. See Information and Referrals to understand the types of workers who can help you and how to contact them.

Elder Services of Worcester, Inc. (ESW, Inc.)

Phone: 508-756-1545

Elder Services of Worcester, Inc. is the state home care agency that covers Shrewsbury. Call and ask for Intake and Referral. Tell them you would like more information on the Respite Program.

Respite Program

The Respite Program is designed for providing relief to a caregiver. There are income and physical requirements, which they will tell you more about. If you qualify, you will receive case management and will have access to a variety of programs and services on a sliding fee scale. If the elder you assist does not actually live in your home, they may qualify for regular Home Care Services. Be sure to inquire about which would be more appropriate in your own situation with the Intake worker.

Private Home Health Services

If you are found to be ineligible or know that you are ineligible for care through ESW, Inc., you may purchase services privately through the same agencies that ESW, Inc. and the Visiting Nurse Associations use. Contact Elder Services for more information. 

Independent House Cleaner or Health Care Worker

Lastly, you may choose to privately hire an individual who can work on a scheduled or as needed basis. You can find out about such individuals by checking the "jobs wanted" section of the paper, particularly the Community Advocate, Senior Advocate, or Shrewsbury Chronicle. You may want to place your own "Help Wanted" ad. Checking bulletin boards in churches or stores throughout the community may also give you some options.