Who Can Use the Senior Center?

How do I join the Senior Center?
The Shrewsbury Senior Center is open to all seniors. Actually, there is no such thing as "joining" the Senior Center.

Who Can Use the Senior Center
If someone lives in town and is 60 years or older, they are welcome to come and enjoy the center. It is their tax dollars that funded it, and as a public building, the Senior Center is truly theirs to utilize.

However, various clubs meet at the Senior Center, such as:
  • Colonial Chapter AARP
  • Shrewsbury Friends Mens Group
  • Shrewsbury Senior Citizens Club
Some clubs charge dues to join. There is also the Friends of the Shrewsbury Senior Center, Inc. organization, which is the fundraising arm of the Senior Center. It charges dues of $5 and assists in making the Council on Aging (COA) Newsletter possible and helps fund things that are not in the town's COA budget. Although there is certainly no obligation to join the Friends, the organization is a great support to the COA department and the Senior Center.

Most activities can be enjoyed free of charge. Some activities have a suggested donation, and some are done in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation department, which do require registration and fees. Most of the meetings and activities are listed each month in the COA Newsletter. If you have any questions about a certain activity, program or group, feel free to call the Senior Center to learn more.

For Non-Shrewsbury Senior Residents:
The following guidelines are in place for non-residents who wish to participate in activities:

Non-Residents Who Belong to A Shrewsbury Senior Organization:
Each Shrewsbury senior organization using the building will be allowed to make their own rules pertaining to non-Shrewsbury residents. The COA will honor the guidelines of each organization. It is hoped that each organization will encourage any of their non-resident members to join or contribute to the Friends group to support the Shrewsbury Senior Center, regardless of where they live.

Non-Residents Who Participate in a Parks & Recreation Senior Activity at the Senior Center:
Since Parks and Recreation is funded by town tax dollars, they have traditionally charged senior non-residents an additional $5 to their registration fees. The COA will honor Parks and Recreation's fees for its activities and any changes it should make regarding them.

Non-Residents Who Wish to Participate in General Activities:
The COA will not charge any extra fees to a non-resident participant for any of its programs, services, or activities that are not provided in their community. However, for activities or programs with space limitations, the COA has the right to restrict participation to residents only, if necessary. It is hoped that any non-resident will contribute to or become a member of the Friends group to help the Senior Center with its on-going programs.