Animal Control

Laws Enforced

Article 14 "Dog Control Law" of the Town of Shrewsbury General Bylaws as well as the laws contained in M.G.L. Chapter 140 Sections 136a-174F are enforced by the Animal Control Officer and members of the Police Department.


Stray dogs taken in by Animal Control are held at the Worcester Animal Rescue League.

Dog Licenses

According to M.G.L. Chapter 140 Section 137 all dogs over the age of 6 months must be licensed.  Dog Licenses are available through the Town Clerk's Office .


All cats are dealt with on a case by case basis.  If you encounter a sick or injured cat please contact the Animal Control Officer.  

Wild Animals

Sick wildlife should be reported immediately.  

Click Here: Signs of Rabies in Mammals

Injured wildlife can be reported to Animal Control or residents can contact a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator for advice.  

Animal Control does not respond to complaints of nuisance wildlife.  This is the responsibility of the homeowner or a job for a licensed Problem Animal Control Agent.   

Deceased Animals on Public Ways

DPW Animal Control

Deceased animals on Public roads and property may be reported through the Online Request Portal

Animal Health Inspector

The Animal Control Officer also serves as the town's Animal Health Inspector.  The primary duties of the Animal Inspector are rabies control in the domestic animal population, barn inspections, and to assist with domestic animal disease quarantines in the event of an outbreak.