Public Information

  1. Arrest & Daily Logs

    Access an archive of the Police Departments arrest and daily activity logs.

  2. Criminal Offender Record Information

    The State of Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (C.O.R.I.) Unit provides C.O.R.I. to board-certified, non-criminal justice agencies such as schools, day care centers, home health aides, youth athletic coaches, and municipal government agencies.

  3. Directions

    Review directions to the Police Department.

  4. Domestic Violence

    Find out how to determine whether you're a victim of domestic violence, review Massachusetts domestic abuse laws and find hotline numbers.

  5. Missing Persons

    Find information for how to report a missing person and access other websites.

  6. Motorized Scooter Law

    Access links to more information about motorized scooter laws.

  7. Overnight Parking Ban

    Review the town's overnight parking ban.

  8. Public Auctions

    The Police Department lists items on

  9. Report Request

    Learn about making request for police records.

  10. Sex Offender Registry

    View more information from the Shrewsbury Sex Offender Registry.