Child Safety

Safety Tips
Here are some suggestions on how to safeguard your children:
  • Develop a secret password that must be used if someone unfamiliar is to pick them up from school or play.
  • Establish neighborhood boundaries in which they may play.
  • If they come home and something about their house doesn't look right, teach them to go immediately to a neighbor for help.
  • If they feel threatened, teach them to run away as fast as they can.
  • If they should see a gun, teach them to stop, don't touch and call an adult.
  • Teach them that, when answering the telephone, never give out any personal information or let the person who calls know if they are alone.
  • Teach them to always look both ways and watch for cars before entering or crossing the street.
  • Teach them to be sure to let their parents know exactly where they will be and for how long, and to always call and let them know if they decide to go somewhere else.
  • Teach them to never get into a car with someone they don't know.
  • Teach them to never open the door to a stranger when home alone.
  • Teach them to never play in the street.
  • Teach them to never ride their bikes alone; always ride with a buddy and always wear a helmet.
  • Teach them to never talk to strangers.
Safety Rules for Children to Remember
  • Before I go anywhere, I always check first with my parents, or the person in charge. I tell them where I am going, how I will get there, who will be going with me, and when I'll be back.
  • I am a special person, and I deserve to feel safe.
  • I check first for permission from my parents before getting into a car or leaving with anyone, even someone I know. I check first before changing plans or accepting money, gifts or drugs without my parent's knowledge.
  • I know it is not my fault if someone touches me in a way that is not OK. I don't have to keep secrets about those touches.
  • I say no if someone tries to touch me in ways that make me feel frightened, uncomfortable, or confused. Then I go tell a grown-up I trust what happened.
  • I trust my feelings and talk to grown-ups about problems that are too big for me to handle on my own. A lot of people care about me and will listen and believe me. I am not alone.
  • It is never too late to ask for help. I can keep asking until keep asking until I get the help I need.
  • It is safer for me to be with other people when going places or playing outside. I always use the "buddy system."