Crime Prevention

  1. ATM Awareness

    View tips for using ATMs and reducing the probability that you will become a victim.

  2. Child Safety

    View suggestions for how to safeguard your children.

  3. Crime Alerts

    Access FBI crime alert information.

  4. D.A.R.E.

    Access the Dare America website and find out more about the local D.A.R.E. program.

  5. Domestic Violence

    Find out how to determine whether you're a victim of domestic violence, review Massachusetts domestic abuse laws and find hotline numbers.

  6. FBI Fraud Alert

    Read a checklist from the FBI that will help you defend yourself from fraudulent internet scams.

  7. Fingerprint Services for Children

    Find out more about the Police Department's fingerprinting services for children.

  8. Ransomware

    Learn about what Ransomeware is and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

  9. Scams

    Learn more about how to handle scams.

  10. Senior Citizens

    Learn what steps senior citizens can take to avoid becoming victims of crimes.

  11. Terrorism

    Learn your role in helping the police to prevent terrorism and find related information.

  12. Watch Your Car Program

    Learn how decals and VIN etching can help prevent car theft.

  13. Water Safety

    Learn what the Police Department does to make sure residents are safe around water.

  14. Work Place Violence

    Find several useful links for identifying potential violence in the work place and how to deal with it.