Lot Purchase

Lots will be sold on an immediate need basis only until further notice. 


Only residents of the Town of Shrewsbury that do not presently own a burial lot in Mountain View Cemetery are eligible to purchase a lot. Lots may only be purchased by Shrewsbury residents who have an immediate need, which is when there has been a death in the family. 

At this time, the practice of allowing Shrewsbury residents to purchase a grave for their non-resident parents or children has been suspended due to space limitations. 

This rule does not apply to columbarium niche sales. Additionally, niches are available to be purchased without an immediate need or on a pre-planning basis. Niches in the Morey Chapel Columbarium can accommodate up to two (2) urns, and a household is allowed to purchase two niches. 

Please refer to the Cemetery Rules and Regulations for additional details. 

Niche and Lot Purchase Procedure

  1. Contact the Cemetery Office at 508-841-8560 to make an appointment to go to the cemetery to purchase a lot. Please indicate if it's a pre-need or immediate-need purchase. A funeral director may schedule this appointment on your behalf. 
  2. Prior to the appointment, please gather information supporting that you are a current resident, such as a utility bill, a current lease agreement, or a form of state ID. 
  3. At the appointment, you will need to provide a list of each immediate family member for whom you wish to purchase a grave for. You will need the name, address, and relationship to the lot owner, for each person. 
  4. Cemetery staff will escort you to the areas with lots available for purchase and answer any questions that you may have.
  5.  Upon selecting a lot, you will return to the Cemetery Office to complete and sign the necessary lot sale paperwork. 
  6. Payment in full is due at the time of the lot sale and shall be made via check payable to the Town of Shrewsbury. 
  7. This purchase information will be forwarded by the Cemetery staff to Town Hall, where your Lot Deed will be recorded. A copy of the Lot Deed which specifies your right to burial in this particular lot and a receipt will be mailed to you.  

Immediate Need Lot Purchase

Immediate need lot purchase must be paid for at the time of purchase and prior to interment. An immediate need lot purchase is when their has been a death in the family.
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