Lot Purchase

Lot sales will be for immediate need only until further notice.


Eligible to purchase are persons who reside in Shrewsbury and who do not presently own a burial lot in Mountain View Cemetery.

A Shrewsbury resident may also purchase a grave for his or her non-resident parent or child. However, other non-resident relatives (grandchildren, aunts, uncles, siblings, in-laws, etc.) are not eligible for a grave. See the cemetery rulebook (PDF) for details.

Lot Purchase Procedure

  1. Contact the Town Hall office at 508-841-8560 to make an appointment to go to the cemetery to purchase a lot. Please indicate if it's a pre-need or immediate need purchase.
  2. At the appointment, you should be prepared to indicate the name, address and relationship of each immediate family member for whom you wish to purchase a grave.
  3. You will complete and sign the necessary lot sale paper work while at the cemetery.
  4. Payment in full is required at time of sale.
  5. This purchase information will be forwarded by the cemetery staff to town hall and, after verification of your eligibility to purchase, documents verifying your payment and your ownership of burial.
Immediate Need Lot Purchase
If you are purchasing for an immediate burial, you are encouraged to carefully consider the number of graves that your family will need for the future. Although it is a difficult time for such decisions, the process of later exchanging your lot for a larger one is almost always complicated and costly, while the purchase of graves that may never be used is a waste of valuable cemetery space and an unnecessary expense for you.

Immediate need sales must be paid for at the time of purchase and prior to interment.
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