Mountain View Cemetery

The Town of Shrewsbury operates Mountain View Cemetery under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Cemetery Commissioners. The Cemetery provides burial space for residents of the Town of Shrewsbury.

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Trees and headstones in grass area of cemetery


Mountain View Cemetery is located on Boylston Street (Route 140). The lot sale office & garage is located behind the parking lots of the Fire Department and the First Congregational Church. The Main Office is now located at the Town Hall.

Office Open by Appointment

Please note the cemetery lot sale office is open by appointment only for lot sale purchases. Call Town Hall to make appointment for a sale of lot or niche. Requests for family history/genealogy should be made in writing or email and submitted to the Town Hall office. Requests that require more than 2 hours of research time will be charged an hourly fee for researching information.

Cemetery Staff

The cemetery staff consists of:

  • Parks & Cemetery Division Manager 
  • Parks & Cemetery Foreman
  • Superintendent of Public Facilities
  • 1 Account Clerk
All positions work for the Public Facilities Parks and Recreation Division and Cemetery Division. The cemetery uses private contractors to perform the grave excavation and mowing of the cemetery grounds. The Staff works out of the Town Hall Municipal Office building.

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