Shrewsbury Development Corporation

About the Shrewsbury Development Corporation

The Shrewsbury Development Corporation (SDC) was established in 2002 through the Acts of 2002 Chapter 493 to oversee the development of the Town-owned property known as CenTech Park North (the former Allen Farm).  To learn more about this project visit the Under Construction page on the Planning Board web page. The special act also allows the SDC to act as an additional economic development arm in the Town of Shrewsbury.  

As the SDC works with the Select Board to determine its next priorities, the Town of Shrewsbury remains committed to diversifying its tax base through economic development. Prospective businesses should read more about what makes Shrewsbury a great place to work, live and play in Why Choose Shrewsbury. If you are looking to do business in Shrewsbury, please reach out to Kristen Las, Assistant Town Manager - Community Development and Human Services.

About the Acts of 2002 Chapter 493

The Acts of 2002 Chapter 493 allows the SDC to develop or redevelop public facilities and infrastructure to stimulate and support economic growth. It also allows for the Town to protect and preserve open space and to develop affordable housing in order to support the objectives of balanced growth. 

Development areas include but are not limited to research and development, commercial, light industrial and business uses, residential uses whether a principal use or an accessory or incidental use carried out in association with an economic development or an open space and preservation project.

The purposes of the SDC is to correct or address the conditions found to exist in the town, promote the common good and general welfare of the town, improve the living standards of the citizens thereof by fostering the improvement of their employment opportunities, preserve and protect open space, historic resources and affordable housing, and to develop, manage, and operate public facilities and infrastructure necessary to improve the town's economy, focusing on, but not limited to, areas within the development zone.

The SDC shall not be subject to section 16 of chapter 30B. The records of the SDC shall be public records. The corporation shall be managed by a board of directors consisting of 7 members appointed by the Select Board. The board of directors shall include persons with education and experience in fields of law, finance, real estate, architecture or planning and local government. 

The Full Acts of 2002 Chapter 493.