Yard Waste

yard waste

Spring 2019 Yard Waste Pick-up dates are announced!

There are 3 opportunities for curb-side yard waste pick-up for Pay As You Throw (PAYT) customers. This is for the collection of leaves, grass, and small bundled branches on your Regular RUBBISH collection day during the following weeks:

                          April 22 thru April 26
                          May 6 thru May 10
                          May 20 thru May 24

Yard waste must be in the 30 gallon paper lawn & leaf bags and lined up at the curb by 7:00 A.M.

Branches will also be collected if:

                         They are no larger than 3" in diameter
                         Cut into 4 foot lengths
                         Securely tied into bundles


Yard waste is picked up at each residence 3 times in the Spring and 4 times in the Fall. 


If you have branches, limbs, or stumps, you will have to secure a licensed contractor for the proper removal of wood.

The Town of Shrewsbury is Asian Long-horned Beetle (ALB) zoned, so the handling of wood must be taken with extreme care. View a list of ALB Licensed Contractors (PDF) who can properly dispose of wood.

Please visit Don't Move Firewood, it Bugs me website for more information.