Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

The Shrewsbury Water Department is committed to providing our customers with high quality drinking water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Quality Investments

To ensure we deliver this quality product, we continue to make significant investments in:
  • Distribution system
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Water sources
  • Water treatment facilities

Purpose of Report

Today's consumers are keenly aware of environmental and health issues, so they should have information regarding their water supply. Well-informed customers are our best allies in supporting improvements necessary to maintain the highest drinking water standards.

We hope this report answers any questions that you may have regarding the water supply. If you have any further concerns, please contact the Water Department.


View an archive of water quality and consumer confidence reports.
  1. Message from the Shrewsbury D.P.W. Water & Sewer Division

    Repair work to the broken water Main at 14 Shepard Lane is complete as of 1:45 P.M. today, FRI. 07/19/19. Temporary residual discolored water may result in the immediate areas. Please "Read On" for details. Read on...
  2. Town of Shrewsbury to Conduct Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitations

    Sewer system infiltration rehabilitation work will be performed in select areas of town by New England Piping Co. beginning June 2019 throughout July 2019, which may require property access to Town-maintained sewer easements. Please "Read On" for details. Read on...
  3. Shrewsbury Department of Public Works 2019 Construction Projects

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