Rubbish Disposal & Pay As You Throw (PAYT)

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Rubbish Disposal

The Town of Shrewsbury adopted the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Program several years ago and currently has a contract with Pellegrino Trucking, Inc.

The more you recycle, the less rubbish bags you will have to purchase/utilize.

Rubbish is collected on a weekly basis (PDF).

Rubbish Regulations

  • Rubbish must be placed in the PAYT bags. They are light blue with a white Town of Shrewsbury seal. For more information on stores that sell PAYT bags (PDF) please view our printable document.
  • Rubbish must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the day of your collection to ensure pick-up service. There is no dump in the Town of Shrewsbury.
  • Please do not place Rubbish at the curb any sooner than the night before your collection day. It is permissible to place your PAYT bags into a lidded trash barrel (up to a 32 gallon maximum size). Residents may purchase a rubbish barrel at any local hardware store. . 
  • Rubbish bags cannot weigh more than 20 pounds when full.
  • Rubbish bags must be closed and tied off.
  • Rubbish Bags cannot have any item sticking out.
  • Rubbish Bags must be free of ice and snow and clearly visible to the collection crew.
The basic rule of thumb is if an item is too large to fit in a PAYT bag and weighs under 20 pounds, you may tie a PAYT bag to the item and set it out at the curb (excludes appliances, electronics, and carpeting).

Inclement Weather

Residents should ensure that rubbish barrels, recycle bins, and PAYT bags are:
  • Free from ice and snow and clearly visible to the collection crew.
  • Not in the way of the snow removal equipment.
  • For storm updates, please check cable TV channels 15 and 26 and the town's website for updates.