Planning Board

Online Planning Board Applications are now live!

Please use THIS LINK to go to the Planning and Economic Development permitting page where you can find the Zoning Board and Planning Board applications!

Please email or call 508-851-8512 for any questions about this new process! 

Pre-Application Development Team Review Meetings...coming soon!

These meetings are designed to assist developers, residents and landowners in the pre-development stages of potential and proposed projects and those with questions relating to permitting processes, zoning compliance, engineering standards, and land use policy considerations.  Click here to learn more 

About the Board

The Planning Board meets on the first Thursday of every month to review and approve commercial and residential developments; additional meetings scheduled as needed.

The Planning Board meets with prospective developers and works with developers on projects under construction to effect their completion. Under the auspices of the Board, subdivision, condominiums, and commercial projects, in the process of construction, are inspected for conformity to approved plans.

The Planning Board is required to make recommendations on all zoning amendments and has the authority to initiate zoning changes. If you have questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact the Town Planner in the Planning and Economic Development Department.

The Planning Board consists of 5 members appointed by the Town Manager.