Recreational Camps for Children

Hiking, Boating, Bicycling, Camping

Image of Hiking, Kayaking, couple sitting by the water, mountains. Settings for recreational camps.
Effective June 30, 2005, new regulations pertaining to Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) requests will be implemented and certified agencies are expected to incorporate the requirements of these regulations into their CORI business processes immediately.

In accordance with MGL c. 111, s. 219 (effective October 28, 2004) and 105 CMR 221.000: Promoting Awareness of Meningococcal Disease and Vaccine, the April 2008 DPH fact sheet "Meningococcal Disease and Camp Attendees: Commonly Asked Questions" is required to be distributed to all parents or guardians of children in youth camps.

Local boards of health are required to notify DPH annually of licensed recreational camps for children pursuant to 105 CMR 430.632.

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