Housing Authority

  • 2nd Tuesday of the month
As public officials, they hold meetings according to M.G.L. chapter 39 sections 2B of the open meeting law.


  • Kelly Bergeron, Executive Director
  • Gayle Vigeant (State Appointee)
    Term Expires November 15, 2020
  • Paul Campaniello
    Term Expires May 2024

  • Kathleen Curran McSweeney 
    Term Expires May 2023
  • Richard Ricker                          Term Expires May 2022                                                                      
  • Bruce Pardee                     (Federal Resident Commissioner)  Term Expires April 2020
About the Authority
The Shrewsbury Housing Authority is a politic, corporate and duly organized public housing agency. state and Federal lawmakers promulgate rules and regulations by which the Housing Authority must abide. The Authority's funding is received directly from state and Federal Agencies.

A Board of Commissioners oversees the Housing Authority by:
  • Advocating for current and future housing
  • Establishing policy
  • Providing leadership
The daily administrator responsible for the day-to-day administration of all federal and state programs is the Executive Director. Together the Executive Director and Board of Commissioners form a powerful force in serving those in need within this community.