Economic Development

  1. Water Department Latest Manganese Level Information

    As of Wednesday, November 23rd, the latest manganese finished water results sampled were at 0.26 mg/L, (260 ppb). Read on...
  2. Town of Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen Proposed Cable Television License Amendment

    SELCO proposes changes to the Cable Television Franchise Agreement.
  3. Results From Additional Water Supply Testing - Revised Chromium – 6 Information

    New test results confirm Chromium – 6 presence in water supply at very low levels
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Currently, the Town of Shrewsbury is focused on the development of 2 large properties:
  • CenTech Park East - Located on Centech Boulevard off of Route 20
  • CenTech Park North - Located on South Street and Route 20
CenTech Park East
Development and infrastructure improvements have been completed for CenTech Park East owned by a private developer.

CenTech Park North
Development for CenTech Park North, owned by the Town of Shrewsbury and formerly known as the "Allen Property", is handled by Shrewsbury Development Corporation.
Shrewsbury Trail Maps
See town-wide views of some of the walking trails in Shrewsbury, compiled by the Shrewsbury Trails Committee and Engineering Departments .