Economic Development


Currently, the Town of Shrewsbury is focused on the development of 2 large properties:
  • CenTech Park East - Located on Centech Boulevard off of Route 20
  • CenTech Park North - Located on South Street and Route 20

CenTech Park East

Development and infrastructure improvements have been completed for CenTech Park East owned by a private developer.

CenTech Park North

Development for CenTech Park North, owned by the Town of Shrewsbury and formerly known as the "Allen Property", is handled by Shrewsbury Development Corporation.

In 2018, the Town of Shrewsbury Received a MassDevelopment Site Readiness Grant to fund the survey, design and permitting of the North Road Subdivision within Centech Park North. 

As part of the permitting process, Bohler Engineering, on behalf of the Town, submitted the following Preliminary Subdivision documents for approval by the Planning Board:
Preliminary Subdivision Plan for Centech Park North
Preliminary Subdivision Application for Centech Park North
Topographical Map of Centech Park North
Aerial Photo of Centech Park North

The following Environmental Notification Form (ENF) was also required to be submitted to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs for approval:
Centech Park North ENF, November 30, 2018 

Economic Development Resources

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