About Shrewsbury Emergency Management Agency

The Shrewsbury Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is responsible for the coordination of all emergency response disaster operations.

The agency consists of a part-time director, liaison representatives from all the Public Safety Departments in town, and is staffed by volunteers who serve as:
  • Communications officer
  • Deputy director
  • Hazardous materials specialist
  • Operations officer
  • Public information officer
  • Radiological officer
  • Red Cross liaison
  • Shelter officer
  • Weather specialist
Agency Duties
Our agency performs:
  • Activation and operation of any Emergency Shelter required at the time of a local disaster
  • All 4 phases of emergency management:
    • Mitigation
    • Preparation
    • Recovery
    • Response
  • Operation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and for training the EOC staff
  • Training exercises for natural and man made disasters, such as:
    • Blizzards
    • Hazardous materials incidents
    • Hurricanes
EOC & Shelter Locations During a Disaster
In the event of a local disaster:
  • Our primary EOC is the selectmen's meeting room at the Town Hall
  • The alternate EOC is Fire Headquarters on Church Road
  • Our primary shelter is Oak Middle School on Oak Street
  • The alternate shelter is the High School on Holden Street