Cultural Council

Council Members

  • Martha P. Deering Term Expires February 2018
  • Karen E. Dumas
    Term Expires February 2018
  • Elizabeth L. Leitko
    Term Expires February 2019
  • Sandra L. McManus
    Term Expires February 2019

  • Myran Parker-Brass              Term Expires February 2019
  • Helen V. Porter
    Term Expires February 2018
  • William C. Sigalis
    Term Expires February 2019
  • Sandra A. Weed     Term Expires February 2019
About the Council
The Shrewsbury Cultural Council (SCC) receives funds from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) which allots a specific percentage annually to each local Cultural Council through out the state through funding generated by the state Lottery Commission revenues.

Cultural Council members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen for 3-year terms and may serve up to 2 terms. Please contact the chair of the council with any questions or requests. The Council was establish but the Board of Selectmen on February 11, 1980.