Building Permit Application Process

In September of 2011, The Town of Shrewsbury's Building Department migrated from a paper application process to an online permitting system. Click the "Online Permitting System" link to access any of the following Building permit applications:  Residential, Commercial, Sheet Metal, Plumbing, and Gas: ONLINE PERMITTING SYSTEM

You may submit an application by using your own computer or you may use the public computer kiosk available in the lobby just outside of the Building Department within the Town Hall, 100 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545.

HOW TO UPLOAD DOCUMENTS The Online Permitting System is designed so that the applicant can upload all of their supporting documentation. Please click the following Tutorial link for step-by-step instructions on how to upload your documents: TUTORIAL


* The forms listed above are required for ALL permit

   For Commercial applications, please also upload the
   following documents:

COMcheck" report
   Backflow Prevention Device Design Data Sheet
   Fire Prevention Document   

Additional Forms Required (RESIDENTIAL ONLY)

Building Permit Application Process
1. Register or Log on with your established username and password (remember, they are case sensitive).
2. Complete the Online Application. Jot down your APPLICATION ID (i.e. 16-02120)
3. Upload all of the documents that are associated with your scope of work to include building plans (if your scope of work requires it).
4. Mail or submit in-person to the Building Department/Inspector's Office the following: a print out of the completed application and a full size printed set of scalable building plans with the Job site address clearly marked on it (if building plans are applicable to your scope of work). These plans will eventually be attached to the permit card and kept on-site.

*  Cash

*  Check made payable to: Town of Shrewsbury

*  Online payment:
    Log into the system with your username and password. Click on the blue gear wheel
    symbol for the application you want to pay. Scroll down the page until you see the
    "Make Online Payment" button. The system will then redirect you to the Unibank
    website whereby you can pay the fee using the routing number of your checking
    account. There is a 25 cent charge for this service.

Applicants have the ability to view the status of their permit application anytime by logging back into the permitting system with their established Username and Password (remember, they are case sensitive). Any outstanding items, notes, and departmental approvals would be visible in the Process Screen.

Once a permit has been approved and issued, the online permitting system will send out a notification to the applicant's registered email address. It will state that it's ready for pick-up at the Building Inspector's office.

The Dashboard page of the online permitting system will display a PERMIT NUMBER upon issuance (e.g., R-16-xxxxx, C-16-xxxxx, etc.).

Work can commence once the permit card has been issued. Please be sure to post the permit card so that it is visible and accessible to the Building Inspector.