Conservation Commission

Our mission is to protect the community's natural resources for present and future generations. The Conservation Commission meets once a month, here is the schedule for 2023.

  1. Rat Control Education

    Date of Record: 06-28-23 - The Shrewsbury Board of Health is resending this communication to remind both residents and businesses that everyone must do their part to control the problem if rats are present in their neighborhood or establishment. Keep reading for more information
  2. Addendum to the Lake Quinsigamond Advisory of 03-06-23

    On 03-06-23, the MA Dept. of Public Health had issued new fish consumption advisories for people who catch and consume freshwater fish from Lake Quinsigamond. As an addendum to that communication, please find additional information regarding PFAS. Keep reading for more information
  3. Notification of Draw-down; Lake Quinsigamond / Flint Pond

    The Lake Quinsigamond Commission plans to lower the water level, or draw down, Lake Quinsigamond and Flint Pond on or about Tuesday, November 1, 2023. Read on...
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About the Conservation Commission

The primary function of the Conservation Commission is to preserve and protect the local wetland resource areas, as defined in the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. Since colonial times, Massachusetts has lost nearly 1/3 of its wetlands. The loss of wetlands means the loss of important benefits they provide. This includes the protection of water quality and water supplies, stormwater, and flood damage prevention, and the protection of wildlife and plant habitat.

The Conservation Commission is composed of appointed town officials who serve as unpaid volunteers. When necessary, meetings may be scheduled on alternate dates. Contact the Conservation Commission office with questions regarding meeting schedules.