Town Boards & Commissions A - L

  1. Beal Early Childhood Center Building Committee.

    Beal Early Childhood Center Building Committee.

  2. Board of Assessors

    The Board of Assessors consists of a full time chairman/principal assessor and 2 part time assessors.

  3. Board of Health

    The Board of Health focuses on activities related to health and the environment.

  4. Board of Library Trustees

    The function of the Board of Trustees is to make general operating and administrative policies in order to promote high levels of library service.

  5. Commission on Disabilities

    The purpose of the Shrewsbury Commission on Disabilities is to bring about full and equal participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of life.

  6. Complete Streets Committee

    Complete Streets Committee

  7. Conservation Commission

    The primary function of the Conservation Commission is to preserve and protect the local wetland resource areas, as defined in the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act.

  8. Council on Aging Board

    The Council on Aging Board's mission is to develop and support community activities which enhance the well-being of residents of the town who are age 60 or older.

  9. Cultural Council

    The Shrewsbury Cultural Council (SCC) receives funds from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) which allots a specific percentage annually to each local Cultural Council through out the state through funding generated by the State Lottery Commission revenues.

  10. Donahue Rowing Center Advisory Committee

    The Donahue Rowing Center Advisory Committee works with the Parks and Recreation Commission to formulate operational guidelines.

  11. Finance Committee

    It is the duty of the Finance Committee to consider all municipal questions relating to administration, finance, budgets and other municipal affairs.

  12. Fiscal Study Committee

    Review the agendas and minutes of the Fiscal Study Committee.

  13. Forestry Commission

    Learn about the Forestry Commission and the services the provide the city.

  14. Historic District Commission

    The Historic District Commission has jurisdiction over two designated Historic Districts in the Town of Shrewsbury.

  15. Historical Commission

    The Shrewsbury Historical Commission is responsible for performing historical research, identifying historical assets, and suggesting both preservation tools and co-ordination among officials at the local level.

  16. Home Heating Working Group

    The Home Heating Working Group was established in the summer of 2008 due to the rising costs of fuel and our concern that some of our citizens would find themselves unable to pay and therefore without heat in the coming winter.

  17. Housing Authority

    The Shrewsbury Housing Authority is a politic, corporate, and duly organized public housing agency.

  18. Insurance Advisory Committee

    The Insurance Advisory Committee provides recommendations on group health insurance plans to the Board of Selectmen and provides information to and recommendations from municipal employees on group health plan benefits.

  19. Lake Quinsigamond Commission

    The Lake Quinsigamond Commission is granted statutory authority under Chapter 294 of the Special Acts of 1916 and as later amended to oversee environmental and public safety issues concerning Lake Quinsigamond.

  20. Library Building Committee

    The Library Building Committee was established at the May 19, 2010, Special Town Meeting and is charged with the planning and oversight of the design development of repairs, improvements and expansion to the current Public Library and the construction of a new Library facility.