1830 School House

The 1830 Brick School is probably one of the earliest surviving schoolhouses in the Worcester County area. It started out as a schoolhouse in 1830, and later hosted Civil War Veterans’ events and meetings, and offices of the Superintendent of Schools and the Shrewsbury Credit Union. The building was also used as a temporary police station while their existing facility was being renovated.

In the late 1990’s the Shrewsbury Historical Society initiated the leasing of the 1830 Brick School from the Town of Shrewsbury. Thorough comprehensive presentations and financial reports were conducted by members of the Society. The second floor (Central Hall) was used as their meeting hall.

HDC  walking Tour 1830 Schoolhouse 9early fall)
HDC Walking Tour 1830 Schoolhouse (fall)
HDC Walking Tour 1830 School House (fall)
1830 School House

After extensive improvements and renovations to the existing building by the Shrewsbury Historical Society, it became their permanent home. With grant money, individual donations and much hard work, the Society converted the second floor into the Town History Museum which houses the Society’s collection of historical artifacts. The meeting room was relocated to the first floor.

With additional renovations to the building, including a new roof, replacement windows and signs, the Society continues its stewardship of this important historical resource as part of its mission to preserve the history of the town of Shrewsbury.

Located on Church Road near the Congregational Church and Town Common, the 1830 Brick School is part of Shrewsbury’s Historic District, which was established in 1972.

The 1830 Brick Schoolhouse and other locations in the Shrewsbury Historical District were officially added to the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior on October 8, 1976.

For additional information visit www.shrewsburyhistoricalsociety.org.